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Message from the Director General


Welcome to the opening of information on the Gynecological-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital of Yaoundé (HGOPY), a virtual portal of education and communication aimed at bringing our partners, our clients and our benefactors to a forum of Exchange, for the improvement of the service offer and the performance.

It is said that "Health is wealth" and while it is a right, it can only be enjoyed if it is best understood by all in the context of the company that seeks to promote Health, preventing illness, curing suffering and giving smiles to people afflicted with various ingredients. To ban the boundaries between rights of responsibility, an appropriate dialogue of all the components of this undertaking is imperative. That is why this forum brings together five actors with key responsibilities: beneficiaries (women, children and families); Medical service providers (HGOPY staff); The regulator (the state that is the owner); National and international partners and the wider civil society operational community.

This website therefore seeks to bring VIPs to the dialogue, hoping that in this process we will all become highly informed personalities (VIPs). Indeed, there can be no improvement in our health without proper health education. It is our modest effort to translate the

Slogan "health for all" in its operational perspective, "Health for all through health by all".


The call to action by all will surely improve and increase the demand for our services, which in turn will lead to a proportionate increase in the supply of care delivered in quantity and quality. The appropriation by the various actors of the responsibilities and interests in this iconic enterprise whose target missions are aimed at the most vulnerable layer of our society is the key to the growth of the institution.

This website is the virtual communication forum that makes visible the restructuring program designed to maintain the supply of quality care to our women and children at an affordable cost to the community. This restructuring plan, which covers a three-year calendar and financial period, was recently formalized by the supervisory authorities (Ministries of Health and Finance) through a performance contract. This program reflects the vision of the Gyneco-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital of Yaoundé (HGOPY) to provide quality care at affordable and debt-free. In our quest to promote equity so that no one is hijacked for financial reasons, this program would like to be in synergy with the municipalities to identify the "needy" and maintain the standards and standards of care for everyone.

I would like our readers to contribute to the growth and performance of the HGOPY through their various suggestions and contributions. Allow me to end this preface with a poem that strongly recommends the community to go along with the HGOPY to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

Our children are pale
Because they go badly
Let's all avoid what's dirty
Keep our rooms clean

Let's boil our water
Give the children the eggs
To fight the enemy
Anemia is so formidable

Life is the envy
We say water is life
For others the view is life
But mom and dad care
Good food
And also to vaccination
Who saves life

The hospital has
And it's for everyone
Cries and tears around the coffin
Like the first cries of the babies at the reception

Sharing today with excitement
Let's hunt all the suffering
Let's hold the bar with perseverance

Let us hope
Car HGOPY is in the emergence

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